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Benefits of Joining the ICCA Judging Program
  • Become part of a global organization that is managing the advancement of the Mopar collector car hobby.
  • Internet access to information relating to the restoration and preservation of a vehicle.
  • Provide advice and guidance of recommended product and services for the correct restoration and preservation of your vehicle.
  • Owning a vehicle that has been judged to a proven consistent and objective standard.
  • Internet access to your vehicle results (Owners names will not be disclosed).
Judging Program Overview

The ICCA has developed a common judging processes tailored to O.E. (Original equipment ) and U.R.O.E (Un restored original equipment ) car judging.

Judging Level # 3 - 2000+ Point system - 5 Star Certification Program

This level is the premiere level which includes a complete review of all features of the vehicle including a functional check. This program can be applied to Plymouth and Dodge passenger cars judged in a original or restored classification

  • The certification judging system is designed to educate each owner about their car as well as providing recognition for excellence in the areas of restoration and/or preservation.
  • Scope of cars included in the process will be from 1963-72
  • Awards will be points based according to level of condition and authenticity.
  • All participating judges will be certified by the ICCA judging committee.
  • Formal vehicle evaluation report will be developed for each vehicle reviewed. This report includes a summary of the observations and findings, photograph package of the vehicle and a certificate of completion and will be submitted to you in approximately 10 days after the judging process has been completed.

    Note: The judges score sheet is considered propriety and confidential to the ICCA judging process and will not be provided to the owner or anyone associated with the vehicle being inspected.

  • A confidential data base will be maintained of vehicles evaluated by the ICCA. Information will only be released to someone other than the owner and the ICCA team at the formal written request of the owner.
5 Star Certification Award Scoring overview

  • The award system allows cars to compete against a defined standard of authenticity to achieve a grade level that is recognized and accepted by the Mopar community.
  • The vehicle must achieve the following percentage of the maximum points available for a particular car.
    • 1 star must score 50 - 64.9%
    • 2 star must score 65 - 74.9%
    • 3 star must score 75 - 84.9%
    • 4 star must score 85 and 93.9%
    • 5 star must score 94% or above

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We are looking for individuals, registries, clubs, etc. with expert reference knowledge who are willing to advance the Mopar hobby to the next level by contributing information and willing to work with us. Our initial focuse is developing the finer points of each performance model between the years of 1963 - 74.



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