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Program Overview:

The ICCA will set-up an exclusive secure area at select events to judge and certify vehicles to O.E. or U.R.O.E. This program will be operated independently of the event judging that may take place at the event at which we will be set-up. Check our event calendar for locations and dates. It is recommended that you make an appointment to participate in the evaluation program in advance of any event.

By having your vehicle judged by the ICCA you will have the confidence of knowing that your original/stock class vehicle is being evaluated to proven objective and consistent standard. The objective of this program is to eliminate the variation and subjectivity that currently exists in scoring and judging of vehicle between independent events. This experience will provide the owner with an opportunity to have their vehicle evaluated against a nationally recognized standard, clearly understand how points were awarded and ask the judging team questions.

Once your vehicle is judged a unique identification number will be assigned by the ICCA to your vehicle. The evaluation sheet will be recorded and available for your exclusive review on the ICCA internet site.

If you are not able to attend an event in which the ICCA will be participating, your vehicle can still be privately evaluated by the ICCA. Please contact our office for details.

Cost: $800.00 per vehicle, call for multiple car or club rate.

Note: Cost may vary based on the level of participation by an event. Additional expenses will apply to the private evaluation of vehicles.

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  International Chrysler Collector Authority
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