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With so many new products being released to the marketplace it is difficult and sometimes confusing as to which product is the best value for your money. The ICCA has established a review process that gives you the inside track on the latest, greatest, and innovative products.

The ICCA will impartially review products that most closely represent the original factory installed equipment for fit, finish and appearance.

If you have a product or service that you should be on the ICCA's List please contact us. Upon review of your product or service the ICCA will perform an initial impartial review and rate it accordingly. The ICCA will initially code their review as preliminary. To have the status changed to final that can only be accomplished by word-of-mouth referenced from consumers. This list will be a growing collection of vehicle owner's real-life experiences with organizations and products.

The people who join ICCA's List are like you - looking for a way to find trustworthy companies that supply high quality parts, products or perform high quality work. Rather than digging through the phone book, magazines you can check ICCA's List to find out what people are saying about the companies they've hired to perform work or purchase products.

It's honest: Companies don't pay to be on ICCA's List, nor can they put themselves on the list. Only consumers report on the companies that they have purchased products and /or services will be placed on the list. Additionally, a real-live ICCA's List representatives read all reports before they're posted. This ensures that ratings remain honest and unbiased.

The information of the ICCA List will be available to anyone that has his or her vehicle certified with the ICCA.

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We offer services ranging from appraisals, authenticating, quality inspector, validation, pre-purchase inspections...

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We are looking for individuals, registries, clubs, etc. with expert reference knowledge who are willing to advance the Mopar hobby to the next level by contributing information and willing to work with us. Our initial focuse is developing the finer points of each performance model between the years of 1963 - 74.



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