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  Vehicle Identification CERTICARDS (Click image for larger view)


The CERTICARD identification card was initiated in 1965. The CERTICARD identified the vehicle VIN number, select option codes and the original owners name and address and delivery date for warranty purposes. It is not often that you find an original vehicle with the correct matching CERTICARD. These cards are often easily lost, particularly with a car that's undergone some repairs or disassembly over the years.

1964-65 : The vehicle CERTICARD was plastic and was placed inside the glove compartment. Embossed on the card was owners name and selling dealer.

1966 - 67 : The CERTICARD was changed to aluminum and stored in a special black plastic holder (Part # 2579740) that was in engine compartment.

There was two line of specific vehicle information relating to the VIN, S.O. , color , interior, trim level, and axle embossed on the card. Starting in 1966 the owners name and address (less zip code) and delivery date was printed on special tape that was applied to the face of the card. The tape was special Chrysler issue semi-clear label that had a Penta-Star on the label. The label was fed through a Dymo type hand help impact label maker. The original label tape was delivered to dealers in a red, white, and blue Chrysler box. The part number for the label tape is 83-100-0250. The holder stated “VEHICLE CERTCARD Do not remove for dealer use only”

Note: Some time in mid-1967 the words "PRINTED IN USA" was added to the bottom of some CERTICARDS.

1968: The CERTICARD storage location was changed from the engine compartment to a special pocket in the back of the owner’s manual. The information that was on the 1968 cards was almost identical to that of the 1966-67 years. This was the last year that the CERTICACARDS were used..

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