Trim Tag Impact Stamps

Fender Tag

Vehicle trim tag review information. Over the past year we have been performing an extensive study of production trim tags impact stamps with an acute focus on year between 1967-74 to better understand the irregularities, constancies and variables. We have been collecting tags and information for over 20 years which is always being analyzed and we are always discovering new information. We sincerely appreciate all the people in the Mopar hobby that have sent us image of tags they have and physical tags from vehicles that they once owned.

  • As you could appreciate the greater the population that we can include in our research the better results will be moving forward for the hobby. We have been studying bent corners, punch through and body shop impact stamps that do not go through the tag. There are consistent patterns of impact stamps at a given final assembly plant during a production year. A very high percentage of tags between 1968 and 1976 that most often have a two digit impact stamp in the upper 1/3 of the tag. Most of these stamps are in the upper right hand corner of the tag so they do not interfere with the vehicle codes. One of the most consistent stamp patterns is the St. Louis plant. We have consistently found a body shop impact stamp (not through the tag) and a unique character (punched through the tag). Our findings have been included and will continue to be included in the reference manuals that we publish on our web site Attached are a few images that may enlighten you about original factory produced trim tags. We would like to extend a special thank you to Bryon Fettig of the Dakota Connection that continues to share trim tag with us for our continued research.

Decoding Service:

  • We can provide decoding services for trim tags, broadcast sheets or IBM production cards. We have been providing this service free of charge for anyone that commissions us to inspection and/or validations their vehicle. We have information that most do not to accurately and timely provide you with this service.