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2009 Vegas results

  • Steve Marinoff - 1971 Plymouth Cuda 426 Hemi - O.E. Gold Certified
  • Bruce Hershberger - 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440 + 6 - O.E. Gold Certified
  • Scott C. Rooney - 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 426 Hemi - O.E. Bronce Certified

The 3 O.E. winner shots in place...

Some of the other photos in the main 2009 event photo gallery...

A little slideshow on the Car Show page under the O.E. area...

Judging team at this years event:

  • Byron Fettig
  • Mike Mancini
  • Dan Pausch
  • Scott Smith
  • Mike Volz
  • Dave Wise

Mopars At The Strip

March 2010 Mopars at the Strip

"The Wildest Mopar Party in the West"
2251 N. Rampart #280
Las Vegas, NV 89128

For more information go to http://www.moparsatthestrip.com


Event Commitment
We are committed to working closely with the management team of the Mopar's at the Strip to ensure that this event will be the best in the world.

The process for registering for the event is as follows. This process and applicable forms will be posted on the ICCA web site under the Mopars at the Strip tab within the next 30 days.

  • Submit the completed owner disclosure sheet (see attached)
  • Submit copies of any original vehicle information (i.e.,Order form, Broadcast sheet etc...).
  • Submit photographs (i.e., Trim tag, VIN tag , Body numbers , power train VIN numbers and a few interior and exterior shots).
  • Submit payment - Payment of 50% of the purchased services required with registration. Balance to be paid at the event.

Proposed Scope of Services:

The ICCA can provide any and all of the following services on site at the Mopar's at the Strip by appointment. These services are over and above the entrance fee's the participants pay to the Mopar's at the Strip. All fee's related to our services will be collected by the ICCA. The ICCA is pleased to offer any other services that you feel will enhance your event.

Proposed Services

2010 fee structure per vehicle

Vehicle appraisals including formal report


Vehicle pre-purchase inspections including formal report


Vehicle validation (2 hour review and formal report)


Pre-Original Equipment (O.E.) Certification (2 hour review and formal report)


O.E. Certification (4 hour review and formal report)
$650.00 before February 1, 2010
$750.00 after February 1, 2010

Vehicle restoration consultation including formal report

$75.00 / hr. 2 hr min


1. Prices assume vehicle is located at the event

2. Some services offered will require advance notice to allow time for services to be performed during the week of the event.

Benefits of the O.E. Certification Process

  • Interactive process with the vehicle owner.
  • Having a vehicle reviewed by a certified authority in accordance with a defined common evaluation standard developed by the experts in the Mopar hobby.
  • Having a vehicle certified to a globally recognized certification program.
  • Having a vehicle formally documented for investment, insurance or re-sale purposes.
  • Access to helpful information for the correct preservation and restoration of a vehicle.
  • Confidence to purchase and/or sell a vehicle that has been ICCA certified.
  • User-friendly internet site in which ICCA certified vehicle information will be archived along with information relating to the restoration and preservation of Mopar vehicles.

ICCA Staff
The ICCA has assembled a premier staff of automobile professionals based on their knowledge and dedication to the hobby. This staff has over 130 years of combined knowledge of Mopar's. All staff members are trained to maintain a high level of integrity and professionalism. All judges follow a pre-defined operating process and any protocol as established by the ICCA and the Mopar's at the Strip.

ICCA Support Team

Scott Smith

David Wise

Paul Jacobs

Mike Volz

Byron Fetting

Mike Mancini

Schedule of services
If you are interested in any of the services offered by the ICCA please schedule the desired service with the ICCA Headquarters. Our services will be offered during the hours of the event on Friday, Saturday and only on Sunday morning. Any service can be conducted off site after the show at an extra charge. Space is limited so please make an appointment as soon as possible.

The highest scoring Original Equipment (O.E.) judged vehicle at the 2006 Mopar's at the Strip was a 1970 Plymouth Cuda. Peter Bloathner is the owner of this car. Pete took great care and effort to ensure that his vehicle was as close to as built by the factory as possible. There are countless new old stock (NOS) parts on the car.

Pete's car was evaluated against the highest level possible as established by the ICCA and scored 94 percentage points. The maximum available points based on the options on Pete's Plymouth Cuda were 1708.

Next time you see Pete's congratulate Pete on his achievement and take a few minutes out of your day and check it out his Cuda. We hope to see Pete at future Mopar's at the Strip shows.

Assisting in the judging at the 2006 show:

  • Dan Pauch
  • Scott Smith
  • Mike Volz
  • David Wise

Congratulations Pete on your achievement.
ICCA Headquarters

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