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Moparr Motors Continues to Strive to Serve the Customer Better

January 1, 2005 Auburn Hills, MI Moparr Motor Consulting, LLC has announced that three entities have been created within the organization to better meet the demands of the customer as follows. Each entity will have a specific business model that has been developed to better serve the requirements of the customer. As the Mopar collector car hobby, changes and expands Moparr Motors - Detroit reinforces it's commitment to providing products and services that its customers demand.

Moparr Motors - Detroit group will be responsible for:

  • Vehicle appraisal
  • Restoration consulting
  • Pre and post purchase inspection

ICCS (International Chrysler Collector Society) group will be responsible for vehicle validation / certification. This group is in the final phase of development of the soon to be released 5 Star Certification Program ©.

This process will is another breakthrough in the collector hobby announced by Moparr Motors - Detroit by the development of a certified judging process. This program has been designed to educate owners about their car as well as providing recognition for excellence in the areas of restoration and/or preservation. The 5 Star Certification Program will be rolled out at select national Chrysler shows this year. The Mopar collector car hobby is overdue for a formal certification program and this is formal program is a welcome addition to the hobby. Details of this program will be announced in the near future.

Please visit for information on this program.

OE Judging group. This group will be responsible for the development and management of the OE judging process. The OE Judging © (U.R.O.E. Certified ©) judging process has been established based on over 100 years of experience and research. Vehicle entries into the certification process are evaluated against a set of standards as specified by the International Gold Standard Certification © judging guidelines. The vehicle is inspected for condition, originality and correctness. This program will be rolled out at selective national Chrysler shows this year. Details of this program will be announced in the near future.

Please visit for information on this program.


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